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Dealing with the Sectionals

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You probably think that the sectionals are an ideal type of furniture that matches your needs just perfectly. But people have different opinions about them. They either love it or hate it; it’s that simple. Sectionals may come in a different configuration and arrangement although they may end up with the same L-shape or U-shape result. But you will be surprised to find out that today’s sectionals are very flexible and mixed.


The Common Designs

In the old days, a sectional probably consisted of a corner seat and two sets of the traditional sofa to form the L or the U shape. These days, however, you can create a sectional from any section or element that you want. The arrangement of a sofa, a corner seat, and a sofa is still used but you have more freedom to mix it up with different sections. For instance, feel free to mix a love seat and a chaise. You can also combine a sofa, a corner seat, and a love seat for a bigger seating seat. It is also possible to combine the love seat and a sofa too – the options are limitless. This is one of the reason a loveseat is considered as the best sofa bed by many experts.


The bigger advantage of having a sectional is the flexibility in managing the sections you want to pair up between one another. If you have a limited space, a love seat and a chaise will be a good option because it is compact and yet it is also somewhat cute and stylish. If you have a bigger room, mixing the sofa with the love seat is also possible. Sectionals are supposed to be placed in a corner like arrangement so when you are able to manage such thing and improve the overall look of your personal living room, you should be fine.best-sectionals-for-home


Arm Facing Deal

You should also remember that most sectionals have the ‘arm-facing’ terminology. If you see a sofa with RAF (Right Arm Facing), it means that when you face the section, the arm will be located on your right. If you see a sofa with LAF (Left Arm Facing), then it means that the arm is located on your left. This thing probably means nothing to you but if you want to manage your sofa well (and not making an expensive mistake) then you should understand it correctly. So, in case you want to include this arm facing section in your layout, you can try this layout. Imagine a left arm facing loveseat paired with a right arm facing chaise.


You can also consider a left arm facing loveseat sleeper with a corner seat and finish it with the right arm facing sofa. Imagine how chaotic it will be if such arrangement is finished with the left arm facing sofa. You won’t be able to complete the L-shape. The left arm facing sofa may be placed in somewhere else.